Bionic Mobin

Design and manufacturing of laboratory equipment



Production Group Research Bionic represents from 2003 years up and proceeded to build and design parts, supplies and laboratory devices and are able to manufacture items laboratory equipment medical research.

Among the strengths of the collection of admission to the International Centre for Science and Technology Advanced Science and Environment which show the efficiency and high quality products and services.

With increasing day by day the demand and increase the quality of the company’s production workshop setting very modern and accurate supply and unit test and control product quality as well as the task of examining parts production is responsible.

The Jml objectives of the IT department to output devices, advanced laboratory incidence update the quality and features of the device and parts production.

One of the strengths of the company and fix defects similar examples of external equipment that the consumer offers with prices lower and active service to the catalog.

In order to respect the rights of consumers Inc. All their products from the delivery date for 1 year warranty and after sales service for 5 years includes all production, as well as all our products for free on the site of delivery and, if necessary driven.

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