Bionic Mobin

Design and manufacturing of laboratory equipment

  • Kymograph Stimulator

    A device to record ECG and nerve, muscle and heart muscle contractions and teaching topics at the Laboratory of Animal Physiology Laboratory frog is used.

  • Spirometer

    Charting capabilities in case of natural breathing. Deep breath. Exhale deeply. Viewing respiratory volume and charting them
    Possibility of drawing with pen insulation for tract
    Replace file with oral appendages

  • Stereotax

    X and y and z axis moveable arm
    The ability of the animal fixation by air bar and mouth fix
    Manufactured in samples 1, 2 and 3. Arm

  • Rotarod

    Color display and touch
    Adjustable speed from 1 to 60 rpm
    Adjustable momentum

  • Shuttle Box

    Equipped with a digital display
    Set the time of exposure and shock
    Door separating the left and right boxes

  • Tail Flick

    Ability to view recorded times monitor
    The timing accuracy of a tenth of a second
    Time has 3 modes: Automatic, Manual and dominant

  • Metabolic Cage

    Sanitary plastic material
    Cage floor bars made of stainless steel and acid
    graduated tanks

  • Metabolic cage

    Sanitary plastic material
    Cage floor bars made of stainless steel and acid
    graduated tanks

  • Water Maze

    Stainless steel body coated with black electrostatic
    Equipped with a large drain valve to drain the water and waste
    With 3 strong base metal in the bottom of the table

  • Laboratory Treadmill

    Adjustable speed of 5 meters per minute to 70 meters per minute
    All equipped with color display touch
    Powered by 100 V to 700 V Shockers at the end of the path

  • force swim test device

    FST test

    The flotation device in the water and Depression mice and in mice is the desire and struggle for life.

  • Hot Plate Analgestic

    Heated plate made of stainless steel
    Digital display temperature stage
    .۰٫۱ Degrees precision temperature regulation

  • Micro Drill

    A drill head and a grindstone
    The dental milling head
    Multi-head three systems for different sizes

  • Mobile Frequency Simulator

    Ability to plan for ringing in the day
    Determine the number of calls and call time
    Can be manufactured with special options for researchers

  • Animal Incubator

    Adjustable digital temperature
    Adjustable humidity
    Light and adjustable light intensity

  • Multi Plate Form

    Frame is made of galvanized iron
    Cover frame color is Alktrstatyk
    The number and spacing can be changed base

  • Rat weighing Scales

    The container is weighed mice
    Measurement accuracy is 0.1 g
    The weight of the container is used rocks

  • formalin test device

    تست فرمالین سیستم ازمایشگاهی برای ثبت و تشخیص وجود دردحاد و مزمن درحیوانات ازمایشگاهی است

  • kymograph pen

    The heat pencil of kymograph stimulator can be used to draw frog’s heartbeat, sciatic nerve and femur muscle graph without ink.

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