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Kymograph Stimulator


Digital Kymograph Stimolator

Kymograph Stimulator is A device to record activity of frog’s heart.

A device to record ECG and nerve, muscle and heart muscle contractions and teaching topics at the Laboratory of Animal Physiology Laboratory frog is used.

kymograph accessories

Main parts of Kymograph Stimulator model BK57

Kymograph :Includes a rotary cylinder and equipped with thermal millimeter paper. Rotational speed is variable from 1 mm / s to 500 mm / s.

With a maximum speed of 500 mm / s and 5 mm width of each square there’s no need to proportionality in calculating.

With each device, a millimeter thermal paper roll is also provided.

With each device, a millimeter thermal paper roll is also provided.

Stimulator: Group of Electronic circuits generate electric pulses to stimulate desired tissue that can  balance voltage and frequency and pulse widths.

The device has three pulse generation modes:

single: By pressing every single time pulse is generated.

repeated: Continuous pulse is generated

 key:  in each rotation around axis a pulse is generated at a given location

The above device full charting capabilities nerve – muscle and heart to show to students.

Number of Channels:1 channel
Pulse Frequency:0.1 – 200 Hz (0.1 Hz step)
Pulse Duration:1 – 10000 ms (1 ms step)
OUTPUT Voltage:0 – 25 V (0.1 V resolution)
OUTPUT Max: Power: (2500 mA)
Power Supply:220V, 50/60Hz

Kymograph thermal pen: the pen is used in order to draw animal’s nerve, muscle and heart movement graph.

head of the pencil is thermal and easily changeable.

this pen need no ink.

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