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Digital Rotarod

A device to check for fatigue resistance and balance in mice.

  • Color display and touch
  • Adjustable speed from 1 to 60 rpm
  • Adjustable momentum
  • Equipped with 4 separate sensor records the time: distance traveled and traveled full speed for each mouse
  • Usability and individualized programming for 3-user data storage
  • The ability to set the time and date for recording data
  • The ability to record all the data and testing with the date and time on Excel files on flash memory
  • Adjustable tests in 3 modes: constant speed, speed increase or decrease, quickly increased and then decreased, and vice versa
  • Adjustable speed for manual tests
  • Engine equipped with high precision without error
  • Date and time with intelligent data logging and recording of all parameters set and recorded for each test
  • Date and each mouse in a separate Excel file

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