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Educational spirometer is a device for measuring the static volumes of the lungs,  Including measurement of respiratory volumes and capacities. It’s also capable of measuring Respiratory flow, oxygen consumption per minute and The FEV1/FVC ratio.

 Educational mode valve spirometer  is a device for teaching physiology of the respiratory system.

 Kimiya Kahrobaye Mobin  educational spirometer capabalities:

 Showing different ways of breathing such as a natural, deep inhale and deep exhale.

Display breathing volumes while the door moving with each inhale and exhale.

For drawing the respiratory chart on the kymograph axis the device is equipped with thermal pen and millimeter paper roll.

Having washable and replaceable mouthpieces.

Having Soda–lime glass for showing amount of exhaled carbon dioxide.

Fiberglass floor and metallic body with electrostatic resistant color.

Having dual mode valve, atmospheric and spirometric mode.

Powering by 6 liters of water.

Capability of connecting to oxygen tank for providing necessary oxygen.

Equipped with counterweight to neutralize weight of the door that prevents pressure on lungs.

Respiratory chamber is equipped with thermometer for calculations.

It’s under warranty for one year.

 aftersales service is offered for five years.

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