Bionic Mobin

Design and manufacturing of laboratory equipment


Scientific confirmation

Scientific confirmation for Kymograph

Scientific confirmation for Spirometer

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Wide frequency range

The full charting of nerve, muscle and heart

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Full color and touch screen

Adjust speed from 1 to 60 rpm

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Moveable arm in axes X, Y and Z

high accuracy and anti-wear screw calipers with

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Bionic research production group are examples of activities in the field in 2004 to start making medical supplies and laboratory devices parts and today managed to produce items of medical devices research laboratory. By the same token this collection in 2008 as engineering company was founded which, including its objectives to reach the height of the laboratory devices and advanced production quality and update manufacturing facilities and devices.

Ranking Act superior province by Bionic Mobin's CEO in the 6th Festival of entrepreneur in Kerman province's premier. In this festival that the Minister of labour, Deputy Governor of Kerman province and a group of company officials attended the engineering Bionic Mobin, grow with the acquisition of first rank as a top entrepreneur of the province were selected.

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